Web3 Training

Web3 is for everyone, which is why we are so committed to ensuring you and your team know the ins and outs of Web3 technology and how to utilise it to your advantage. 

We’re in a new and rapidly evolving digital era that is changing how we interact, think and work. It’s important to stay at the forefront of all the changes so that you can future-proof yourself and your business.

That’s why we offer comprehensive Web3 training workshops ranging for beginners right through to Web3 natives. 

Our expert team of instructors will guide you through the fundamentals of Web3 technology and present the best practices for implementing them in your business operations.

Future-proof your team & your business

The best way to learn is through experience. Our Web3 training options will equip you and your team with the knowledge and tools you need to grow in the space. Plus, we offer on-going support to keep you accountable on your journey – and ensure you and your team thrive in Web3!

Why book training with us?

  • Upskill yourself and your team
  • Future-proof you and your team’s knowledge and skillsets
  • Increase your brand and business’ profile in the Web3 space
  • Learn how to reach new and existing customers in innovative ways
  • Choose from a range of flexible training options to suit your needs
  • Request completely customisable workshops to target particular knowledge gaps
  • Learn how your business can embrace new technologies to be more productive, efficient and profitable.

Our training options

Whether you’re new to Web3, need to fill in some knowledge gaps or keen for a refresher course, we have a training option to suit.

Online Classes

Learn from anywhere, in your own time

1-on-1 Coaching

Face-to-face training to get you up to speed on Web3 in record time

Team Workshops

Fully tailored to your needs & goals

Ongoing support

We don’t just teach you everything you need to know about Web3. We are committed to your long-term success in the space, which is why our support doesn’t end with a workshop. Our team provide ongoing knowledge shares and free educational and practical resources to help you continue to stay up to date with the ever-changing world of Web3. And if you need help implementing any action points, be it a marketing campaign, blockchain development, or general Web3 strategic consulting, we can do that too!

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