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Boost your business with the power of blockchain

Blockchain is far more than a buzzword. Harnessing decentralised ledger solutions can seriously benefit your business. Whether you’re looking to improve data security, record transparency or improve the efficiency of your operations, blockchain technology is a problem-solver.

Our team of professionals is equipped with the knowledge and skills to deliver innovative and robust blockchain solutions. From conceptualisation to deployment, our blockchain consulting services cover the entire spectrum of the blockchain development process.

We are committed to delivering scalable, efficient, and secure blockchain solutions tailored to your business’s specific requirements. As a leading provider of blockchain development services in Australia, with services in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and beyond, we ensure that your business can leverage the full potential of this transformative technology. Let Take3 be your trusted partner on your blockchain journey.

Why invest in blockchain development?

Blockchain tech has revolutionised a range of industries, from healthcare to finance to logistics services.

More secure, accurate record-keeping

Your company’s data security is priority. By storing information on the blockchain you’re able to create records that cannot be tampered with.

Increased productivity

Traditional record-keeping can be time consuming and prone to human error. Blockchain technology can streamline these processes and negate the need for paper-pushing, by consolidating multiple ledgers and storing documentation and transaction details together.

Reduced risk of data fraud

The immutability of the blockchain not only prevents data alternations, but also prevents fraud. Data recorded on the blockchain is encrypted end to end, and personal data of customers and staff can be made anonymous.

Reduce operational costs

While blockchain tech is an upfront investment, it ultimately allows for more efficient and streamlined transactions, ultimately reducing your business’ operational costs.

Greater transparency

While traditional databases are centralised, blockchain is completely decentralised, so that data can be accessed by anyone on the network. This greater level of transparency is great for building customer trust and allows for easy sharing of data about provenance (supply chains).

Working with us

Our experienced blockchain developers will collaborate with you to identify the key challenges you would like to overcome, as well your business requirements and your budget. We will then consider the most appropriate platforms for your needs, build them and work with you to implement those solutions seamlessly into your business.

Blockchain solutions to make business easier

We’re a full-service Web3 agency, which means that we’ve got the team ready to help you make the transition into Web3 from start to finish.

Smart Contracts

Our team of developers are here to build customised, secure solutions for your business needs.


We can help you identify blockchain solutions that can improve your business operations.

DAPP Development

Combine smart contracts with a front-end user interface and token integration.

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