We’re your full-service Web3 agency. Here at Take3 we truly live and breathe Web3. We’re a bunch of creatives, visionaries, and doers. Developers, crypto traders, thought-leaders, marketers and strategists. Whatever your project or problem you need solving, we’re the Web3 agency with the experience, network and the skills to help you make it happen.

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Web3 is changing the way we conduct business, network, shop, game, consume news and market to the masses in new and exciting ways. We want you to be at the forefront of that change, future-proofing your business or project to ensure it thrives in this exciting convergence of the real and virtual worlds.

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Good vibes only

Good vibes only



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Total transparency





Team Take3

Founder & Director

Renee Francis

Renee’s Web3 space journey began back in 2019 through crypto trading and investing via an educational company in the UK. During this time she sparked an interest in the actual underlying tech behind it all and got reading about all things blockchain, metaverse, NFTs and more. As a seasoned marketer Renee quickly saw the potential for Web3 applications to improve the operations and marketing efforts of the clients she was working with in her Web2 agency. Renee’s most bullish on the idea of decentralisation, less control by big tech giants, individual data ownership and possibilities for innovation, and would love to share that with the masses. While she’s not the holder of any CycloTurtles or Cyber Turtles, Renee does own 5 pet turtles IRL.

Web3 Strategist

Madeleine Jones

Madeleine first immersed herself into the world of crypto back in 2014, starting with mining and trading before moving on to provide education on futures trading. Such was her passion for the Web3 space that she left her former career in stock trading to go full-time in 2019 - most recently working as head of community for the Deepwaters DeFi project. While passionate about the potential for Web3 tech to revolutionise industries across the globe, Madeleine is equally driven by the power of communities, to drive positive change and improve the way we do business for the better.

Creative Manager

Phil Host

With more than two decades of design and creative manager experience under his belt (and a few years airbrushing murals on cars back in the early 2000s), it’s no surprise that Phil is a big fan of NFT art. But more than the aesthetics, Phil is bullish on the way NFTs and blockchain can serve as a valuable marketing layer for forward-thinking, innovative businesses that embrace this emerging tech. Phil came into the web3 space in early 2021, (back when MekaVerse had an 8Ξ floor - and no, he never won the raffle). Phil’s experienced the highs and the occasional rug pulls of the space, and has loved every single minute.


Jake Volpato

As a designer Jake loves to experiment with new tech and push boundaries, which is why he gravitated so much to the world of Web3. Jake’s been trading crypto since 2020 but quickly cottoned on to NFTs, after seeing Beeple’s meteoric rise to success. Since then Jake’s been learning all he can about NFT development and channeling his graphic design skills into conceptualising, designing and producing NFT collections. Even on his days off Jake’s still in front of a computer, working his way through Horizon Zero Dawn. As a big gamer, Jake’s pumped about the possibilities Web3 brings to revolutionise the industry.

Web3 Content Strategist

Rebecca Haddad

After hearing Renee talk endlessly about Web3 for the better part of 2021, Bec finally took the leap into the space at the end of 2021, dabbling first in crypto and then quickly getting hooked onto NFTs. As a journalist, content writer and psychology student (she’ll finish that degree someday), Bec is passionate about storytelling and connection, and spends an unholy amount of time dissecting project roadmaps and Discord channels for fun. But the thing that gets her most excited about web3 is the idea of highly engaged communities, unified by common interests and a drive to innovate and educate one another, and is excited about the important role content plays in that mission.

Community Growth Specialist

Shanice Desilva

Shanice began investing in crypto late 2021, dabbling here and there before fully immersing herself in the Trillionaire Thugs NFT project early 2022 (of which she is still a proud holder). With years of marketing and brand strategist experience (and an insatiable passion for growing communities through social media), Shanice soon found herself working with a number of NFT projects and web3 tech start up’s in 2022, including Emanate Official and Wardogs NFT Mission through which she grew their organic socials from 900 followers to 11K+. As Community Growth Specialist, Shanice combines her years of social media expertise with her ever-growing knowledge of web3 and blockchain technology to bring sensible and exciting solutions to brands who want to transition into web3 and make more than just a splash.

Operations Specialist

Deanne Beehag

Former marketer and dancer Deanne keeps the virtual world turning here at Take3. The only thing Dee loves more than organising (if that’s even possible) is punk rock, though as a mum of two that music is often replaced by The Wiggles on loop. After years spent working in corporate marketing departments and then at an agency Dee make the leap into Take3, to satiate her growing interest in Web3. Dee enjoys spending time dabbling in the crypto space and learning about alt coins, but the thing that really fuels her curiosity for Web3 is the power it gives back to the people.

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