Our key insights from Blockchain Week 2023

Our key insights from Blockchain Week 2023
July 11, 2023

We’re still coming down from the Blockchain Week that was – five days showcasing incredible tech innovation, industry trends and expert insights abound. We were thrilled to be the official marketing partner for the event, travelling up and down Australia’s East Coast immersing ourselves in the buzzing atmosphere, connecting with industry leaders, and participating in three thought-provoking panels. 

With so many discussions about everything from the future of digital payments to consumer protection, crypto tax, NFTs, CBDCs, the role of AI and more, we thought we’d share a few team learnings from Blockchain Week that have left the biggest impact on all of us.

The belief in blockchain 

You’d expect that an event delegated to blockchain tech is going to be attended by people who truly believe in the space, but it’s such a motivational boost when that community gathers together to put that collective belief into action. Despite facing obstacles such as complicated national and global regulatory frameworks and challenges with mass adoption, there’s little doubt about the capability of blockchain tech to continue to revolutionise industries and pave the path forward to a more equitable future for all.

The power of networking

With representatives from regulatory bodies, major financial institutions, native Web3 projects, lawyers, accountants, research teams all under one roof, Blockchain Week demonstrated the power of networking in this space. The event served as a melting pot of brilliant minds, fostering collaboration and sparking insightful conversations. The discussions we had with industry veterans, passionate entrepreneurs, and talented developers have continued long after the event and may lead to further opportunities for collaboration and knowledge sharing. 

The importance of education

Day 3 of Blockchain Week 2023 was dedicated purely to the pursuit of education this year, with a jam-packed schedule of entry level workshops for youth and adults on everything within the blockchain landscape. Despite being in the space for a long while, our team still learnt so much throughout the week, deepening our knowledge on how far blockchain tech has advanced and enjoying fresh perspectives on emerging trends. We particularly enjoyed Binance’s Crypto Fundamentals workshop on Day 3 in Brisbane, delving into the ins and outs of cryptocurrency, safely holding and transacting in crypto and getting an important refresher on how to secure our digital assets. 

It’s clear that improving community education is key not only for those familiar with the space, but to encourage the wider public to also see and trust the merits of the tech and landscape as a whole. We are committed to continue to support that mission with our own training and transition services for clients. 

The need to ‘keep it human’

Tying in with the collective mission for mass adoption and education is the importance of ensuring that information is delivered to target markets in a way that is easily digestible and accessible. As our founder Renee Francis pointed out in her Day 3 panel, ‘Business on Blockchain – A Comprehensive Approach to Building, Investment & Marketing’, Web3 native projects and businesses need to share the value of what they do in terms of what it means for the general public, rather than trying to sell the intricacies of the technology behind their ventures. In other words, talk about what problems you seek to solve, be it improved security, greater transparency, or more efficient operations. 

The innovation and ingenuity of Australia’s blockchain community

From decentralised identity solutions to NFT art, Blockchain Week 2023 represented the vibrant diversity and ingenuity of Australia’s blockchain community in its entirety. Our team had the pleasure of exploring many of these projects through engaging with their creators. Witnessing the rapid growth and tangible impact of real-world use cases such as this left us exhilarated and fuelled our determination to drive change through our work at Take3.

Final thoughts

Blockchain Week 2023 was an incredible ride. The event not only expanded our knowledge of what’s possible in this space, it also reinforced the ethos behind our work. We are more determined than ever to harness the potential of Web3 and blockchain technology to shape a promising future for businesses and for individuals. We’d like to thank the entire Blockchain Australia team for their tireless efforts to make this event possible, and look forward to what’s to come in 2024!

Words: Shanice Desilva

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