FACES OF WEB3: Amy-Rose Goodey, Blockchain Australia

FACES OF WEB3: Amy-Rose Goodey, Blockchain Australia
March 20, 2024

In this latest instalment of our profile series, Amy-Rose Goodey, COO of Blockchain Australia, shares her journey in the space.

As Amy-Rose herself declares on her X profile, she’s “loved crypto before it was cool.” A proud early adopter, Amy-Rose is driven by the power emerging tech has to positively disrupt industry and data ownership. As the COO of Blockchain Australia, Amy-Rose engages with industry stakeholders across a diverse range of sectors, educating and empowering them to drive Web3 innovation in their own businesses and networks.

So, Amy-Rose, how did your journey in Web3 start?

I have always loved technology. Obsessed might be the optimal word. I grew up on an island, and my parents’ curiosity for gadgets laid the foundation. Ironically, it was island life that fostered my early connection with tech, particularly through the community’s reliance on CB radios for communication. I vividly recall using the call sign, ‘Blue Falcon’, to reach home, initiating contact with my call, “Blue Falcon to the Falcon’s Nest, do you read me?” This ritual still makes me smile. Technology linked me to the broader island community and nurtured my [broader] fascination with technology.

My father, a volunteer firefighter at the time, was an early adopter, the first on the island to own a beeper then the first to own a mobile phone – a device so bulky it humorously weighed down his shorts. My mother’s venture into writing with an oversized clunky word processor, a precursor to the computers we know today, further exposed me to the wonders of technology. I was uniquely prepared for technology adoption.

This drive led me to explore various sectors, including internet, telecommunications, mining (the digging kind) and design, each time broadening my understanding and skills in digital technologies. My foray into Bitcoin investment marked the beginning of an in-depth exploration of blockchain and decentralisation, concepts that deeply resonated with me.

Currently, as part of Blockchain Australia, I’m dedicated to nurturing and advancing the industry. My early experiences, from CB radio communications to my first encounters with digital technology, have shaped my commitment to fostering innovation and supporting the digital economy of the future.

What inspires you to stay actively involved in the space?

Seeing how blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) are foundational to the global digital economy, laying the groundwork for a fairer, more transparent world, really lights a fire in me. It’s about being part of a movement and industry that’s not just about tech, but about setting the stage for global equity and access.

The term ‘Web3’ is constantly evolving. How do you define the term?

We are moving through a pivotal shift in the digital landscape, connecting blockchain, decentralisation, and token economies to redefine user agency and ownership online. It’s an evolution that transforms internet users from passive consumers to active participants with control over their data, assets, and digital interactions.

As the digital economy unfolds, I envision a future where the internet is not just a space for information exchange but a platform for genuine digital sovereignty. This new model promises enhanced security, privacy, and autonomy, paving the way for innovative applications and services that empower users like never before. The internet is set to become a more transparent, user-centric, and equitable domain, fundamentally altering how we interact with digital technologies and each other in this increasingly connected world.  And I am here for it!

We know all about your fantastic achievements as part of the Blockchain Australia team. What are some of your proudest professional moments from 2023?

What has always stood out is the sheer resilience and passion of the Australian blockchain and digital asset community. The unwavering determination in advancing the industry, despite challenges, is truly inspiring. It’s this collective spirit that’s pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and driving the industry forward.

With the rapid growth of blockchain tech and Web3 applications and businesses, comes opportunities and challenges. What do you believe are the most significant opportunities and obstacles facing the Web3 community today – and how can we overcome these?

The rise of blockchain and digital assets offers great opportunities, particularly in enhancing digital ownership and transparency. The key opportunity lies in revolutionising how we own and control our digital assets, opening up new business models.

However, challenges like scalability, interoperability, and regulatory clarity loom large. Scalability affects transaction efficiency, interoperability is essential for system cohesion, and inconsistent regulations can stifle innovation.

Overcoming these hurdles requires the industry to unite, focusing on the highest standards. Engaging with policymakers to foster clear, supportive regulations is also crucial for the ecosystem’s growth and security.

Looking ahead, what‘s coming up for you in 2024?

Moving forward, personally I will continue to focus on advocating for the successful integration of DLT across all industries and domains, as the digital economy foundations continue to be laid.

Outside of work, how do you spend your free time?

I love spending time with my partner and two kids, it’s precious and grounding. I’m also a bit of a nerd for peer-reviewed research, especially on AI, blockchain, quantum computing, and IoT. I’m fascinated by what the future holds and believe that by piecing together insights from these often siloed fields, we can better prepare for what’s coming and perhaps even stay ahead of it!

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