FACES OF WEB3: Caroline Page, Virtually Human Studio

FACES OF WEB3: Caroline Page, Virtually Human Studio
May 22, 2024

It takes agile minds to embrace the dynamic and rapid pace of evolution in Web3. Caroline Page, Head of Communications at Virtually Human Studio, is one such mind. Caroline is passionate about the possibilities surrounding emerging tech, helping native Web3 business and Web2 household names innovate in the space. Caroline is also passionate about onboarding the next generation of female tech leaders through her work at Kalicoo and Chief Meta Chicks.

Caroline, let’s start with asking how you found yourself in the Web3 space?

My path to Web3 wasn’t linear! For over 15 years, I’ve honed my communication, leadership, and change management skills across public, private, and non-profit sectors, including entertainment, education and government. This diverse background gave me a unique perspective on innovation. Joining Virtually Human Studio (VHS) with their flagship game, ZED RUN [virtual horse racing game] felt like a natural evolution – a chance to leverage my experience in a rapidly growing field.

What was your motivator to enter the Web3 space and join VHS?

My background in entertainment fuelled a fascination with emerging tech, and I’ve always enjoyed being part of positive disruption. Virtually Human Studio’s (VHS) vision for creating groundbreaking experiences in this space perfectly aligned with those passions. The metaverse, blockchain gaming, and the potential of Web3 were a perfect storm I couldn’t resist.  

I was captivated by VHS’s vision and its reputation for pushing boundaries. Their commitment to making the metaverse accessible through engaging platforms like ZED RUN resonated deeply with my desire to break down barriers and showcase the potential of Web3. ZED RUN is a perfect example – it introduces users to the world of NFTs and Web3 gaming in a fun and informative way.

How do you define Web3?

Web3 is a broad term, and its definition can vary. For me, it represents the next iteration of the internet – a more decentralised, user-centric web built on blockchain technology. It’s about empowering users, fostering ownership, and creating a more open and interactive online experience.

What do you determine to be the biggest societal opportunities that Web3 brings?

Web3 offers a revolutionary vision for the internet – user ownership and control fuelled by innovations like blockchain, DeFi, NFTs, and the metaverse. Imagine finally owning your data, digital assets, and even online identity. This shift empowers individuals and fosters a more inclusive digital economy through DeFi, play-to-earn models, and NFT creator economies. As the cornerstone of the metaverse, Web3 can also create a more connected and interactive online society, offering new avenues for work, entertainment, and social interaction.

The true power of Web3 lies in its collaborative nature. By working together to address challenges like regulations and accessibility, we can unlock its immense potential. This future promises user ownership and innovative business models that prioritise user control. 

As the metaverse and NFTs evolve, offering richer digital experiences, interoperability will ensure seamless integration between blockchain networks. This, combined with solutions for privacy and security, will enhance user experience and address privacy concerns, ultimately redefining entertainment, social interactions, and digital economies.

And what do you see as the biggest challenge?

One of the biggest challenges is accessibility and education. Web3 is still a nascent field, and many people may not fully understand its concepts or benefits. We need to bridge the knowledge gap and make Web3 more user-friendly and approachable for everyone.

Additionally, navigating the evolving regulatory landscape and fostering standardisation across the industry will be crucial for long-term growth and user trust.

What are some highlights of your career in Web3 so far?

Joining a pioneering company like VHS has been a privilege. We’re a team pushing the boundaries of Web3, and I’m constantly learning from the talent around me. Working alongside major brands like Budweiser, NASCAR, and Sportsbet.io has been an incredible experience. These partnerships with ZED RUN validate the potential of Web3 and open doors for wider adoption. Through networking and speaking events, I’ve met so many incredible people innovating in Web3, AI and the metaverse who share my passion for building a more inclusive future. My involvement with Chief Meta Chicks and Kalicoo exemplifies my commitment to diversity and inclusion, creating avenues for women leaders and innovators to thrive in this space is very fulfilling.

What’s coming up for you and VHS?

At VHS, player-driven entertainment is more than just a mission, it’s our passion. We focus on creating innovative products that foster communities, embrace change, and evoke powerful emotions through rewarding experiences. ZED RUN, our flagship game, exemplifies this perfectly, offering users an entertaining introduction to the metaverse and the practical applications of NFTs. Under the leadership of our new CEO, 2024 promises exciting new directions, although details remain under wraps for now –  we’re buzzing about what’s to come!

As for me, 2024 is all about embracing new challenges. I’m committed to continuous learning and growth and am eager to find opportunities to educate myself and others in this dynamic field.

What inspires you to stay motivated professionally?

Continuous learning, I love the challenge of staying ahead of the curve and expanding my knowledge. Web3 offers incredible possibilities for creativity, innovation, and new forms of digital experiences. Seeing these possibilities come to life through projects like ZED RUN or initiatives like Kalicoo and Chief Meta Chicks is truly inspiring.

Knowing that my work contributes to something bigger than myself, whether fostering a thriving Web3 community, empowering women in the field, or simply helping people understand the potential of this technology, is incredibly motivating.

And, the Web3 community is full of passionate and driven individuals working to build a better future. Being surrounded by this kind of energy and collaboration is a great source of motivation.

When you’re not working, where would we most likely find you?

Out running! I took to pounding the pavement approximately two years ago, initiating my journey with the Couch to 5K app. The past year has seen me conquer three half marathons and a 27-kilometre ultra trail run at Mount Kosciuszko. I just ran a personal best in the Hoka Runaway Half Marathon in Sydney this May, so now I’m setting my sights on the full marathon come September.

You can connect with Caroline via LinkedIn or find out more about Virtually Human Studio here.

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